3dcart’s Unlimited Product Options

Do you sell products with multiple options or variants? The most obvious example is clothing, available in different sizes and colors, but product options can be necessary in many industries. Selling books? You may need to offer hardcover and paperback variations. How about tools and hardware? You’ll need to specify all kinds of measurements!

3dcart makes product options easy by removing all limits on number of options and allowing you to include all the possible variants you’ll ever need. Create, sort, and display different sets of options that can be completely customized for your products. Your customers will be able to quickly and easily select exactly what they are looking for. Unlike other carts with only a dropdown menu, 3dcart also allows you to choose radio buttons, check boxes for selecting multiple options at once, text fields for personalization, and more. If these aren’t enough, Advanced Options are also available to help you address product variants that are significantly different in factors such as weight, size, or number in stock.

Top Features

  • Unlimited product options
  • Settings available for single and multiple option selections
  • Settings available for single and multiple option selections

3dcart’s Unlimited Product Options Gallery

Unlimited Product Options Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to create all the options manually for every product?

Not necessarily. You can create options per category, if all the products in that category have the same options. This can be a huge time-saver.

  • What are the advantages of Dynamic Zoom?

The customer will be able to move the mouse over your product image to smoothly zoom in on any part of the image they like, cutting down the number of individual “detail” photos you might need to provide.

  • What is the best way to put videos on my store?

You save a lot of bandwidth by uploading your videos to YouTube, Google Video, or Vimeo and embedding them into your page. One quick way to do this is by using the Insert Video link on the WYSIWYG editor and pasting in the video URL.

Unlimited Product Options Feature Testimonials

"I was actually dreading putting my inventory online because it has so many variants. I sell printed T-shirts so you can imagine all the options like size and color really add up quickly. I was extremely happy to find out that 3dcart made it so easy to make all these available to my customers. Every combination of color and size, just like that. "